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TinMore Institute's CFWS Capabilities

TinMore Institute's Center for Water Security (CFWS) can accurately forecast water use and climate change, including temperature and precipitation on a regional to country scale for 7 years from initial date of output, i.e., from today through the next 7 years.

This includes relations to critical links such as the economy, economic sectors, and industry sectors, as well as critical infrastructure and energy use. Such methodology allows determination of sustainability stress for a region to national and even global scales. This capability is perhaps the ultimate risk mitigation tool and can be boasted by no other firm.

Recent decades have brought substantive changes in land use and climate change around the world, prompting the need to treat population and community ecology as dynamic processes. Regarding climate change and growing resource shortages, which exhibit disparate distribution, there is increasing need for capabilities that will mitigate risk years forward as resource supplies such as water, energy, and food production diminish.

TinMore Institute's CFWS goal is to provide advance warning of natural problems 7 years forward for the client. The CFWS methodology provides a key framework for describing potential consequences of global climate changes on large-scale water use and on specific climate circumstances, alerting decision-makers to the most likely consequences with the potential to substantially mitigate risk to deal with lack of precipitation, food production, water and energy dual interdependencies, and economic effects across your specific region or country. Our CFWS methodology provides explicit means to scale results for multiple hierarchical levels and associated uncertainty. The end result is the accurate predictive capacity for evaluation of management options to cope with global-change consequences, mitigate risk, and is a powerful tool for assessing uncertainty of those predictions. Quite simply, our goal is to provide solutions for water, food, and energy-security issues, whether you are in Kuwait and running out of water, Saudi Arabia, or other country or client, if you have a water, food, or energy problem, we can help you find a solution. Interested parties should contact us for more information.

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