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About our Research Reports

All reports are part of the TINMORE INSTITUTE’s publication series. Our publications describe and summarize TINMORE INSTITUTE’s research and analysis that provide potential solutions for critical global problems for both the public at large and policy makers so that they are better informed and can thus, make more relevant decisions for the issue discussed. Our reports and available electronic documents are made accessible by TINMORE INSTITUTE as a public service.

TINMORE INSTITUTE delivers leading knowledge required for current and future competitive outperformance during these uncertain times of globalization by providing timely analysis, forecasting, and solutions for complex problems unlike those of any other firm.

  • We are extensively involved in global-security and resource problems — the effective, complex-issue resolutions associated with creative intelligence, global resources security, water security, information and knowledge management, science and technology, and how economics and related factors play extremely interdependent and critical roles.
  • Our work also is inexorably linked with water, energy, the environment, national and homeland security, terrorism, and related sectors.
  • The unbiased research and analysis we perform seeks to improve policy and decision making at all levels for government, institutional, academic, and corporate entities.

Note: To remain unbiased in our research we accept no funds (unless performed for specific consulting obligations), from corporate, government, large private or academic donors. However, we do accept small donations willingly given for research support. Thus, we remain impartial and uninfluenced by any individual or group seeking to promote a specific ideology or agenda. Our goal is simple – to help people on a large scale.

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