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TinMore Institute is extensively involved in Global Security problems - the effective, complex-issue resolutions associated with creative intelligence, global resources security, information and knowledge management, and science and technology and, how economics and related factors play an extremely interdependent critical role. Therefore, we feel it necessary to define the term “Global Security.”

Global Security Defined -

“The peaceful intercourse of all nations for a parallel advancement of individual to societal well being and quality of life and, the actions taken by nations to guarantee shared sustainability, safety, and continuity that challenges mutual security."

Threats and hazards to Global Security evolve from a Man-Made (Anthropogenic), Natural, Technological Triad and might include such actions as disruption of natural or commodity resources; failed or failing states; pandemics (swine flu or others); climate change; mass population migrations; civil unrest; and other unsuspected or surprising disturbances to national peace.

Some measures needed to enforce Global Security could include military action, diplomacy, policy development and implementation, management processes, technology changes or development, etc.

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